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Writing Tips: Writer’s Block, Tips from the crew

Writer’s block can be devastating to a writer. It can halt you in your tracks, and you end up sitting there feeling helpless. Here’s some good news, though. Every writer goes through it, and many of them have figured out ways to combat the evil demon. Your job as a struggling writer is to try various things until you find something that works for you, which sums up the first of six tips presented below.

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Writing Tips: Writer’s Block, A Novelist’s Nightmare.

By Charlotte Parr

Don’t you just hate that fuzzy feeling you get with writer’s block? The feeling like you’re scrambling around in your brain for ideas but your fingers touch nothing but soft fluffy nothingness. Me too. There are loads of ways people tell me how to get rid of writer’s block. Some of them make sense; others are just stupid. Here are my ways for getting rid of writer’s block. Try them and see if they work for you!

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