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Book Review: Blood Passage by Micheal J. McCann


Four years ago Martin Liu was found dead in an alley and the physical evidence suggested it was a drug deal gone wrong. Homicide Lieutenant Hank Donaghue didn’t like the feel of it, but it wasn’t his case and it ended up going nowhere. 

Now Donaghue and Detective Karen Stainer are drawn into the Liu cold case when an out-of-town graduate student is beaten up by gang members after asking the wrong questions about the victim. Donaghue and Stainer discover that Martin Liu’s cousin, Triad enforcer Peter Mah, has taken an active interest and is tracking down suspects on his own to extract his own vengeance. 

As Donaghue and Stainer race to contain the violence sweeping their city, they must confront the troubling fact that new evidence, including the names of the men responsible for Martin’s death four years ago, seems to be coming from the most unlikely of sources—a three-year-old boy! 


Got an hour? Because that’s how long it’ll take to describe all the great things about this book. But I’ll try to keep it to a more appropriate length. To summarize, it’s a mix between episodes of Law & Order, Cold Case and a dash of X-Files thrown in, creating a very unique appeal. To be fair, I haven’t read as many book in general as Bec and certainly not as many self-published books, but based upon her reviews (and Sharon’s) and the few I’ve been either able to read or at least browse through, Blood Passage is one of the best self-published books I think I will ever come acorss. I’ve read highly acclaimed, traditionally published books that wouldn’t stand up to this one in quality and would merely equal its entertainment value. 

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Book review Taking Control by Kimberly Mullican

Review by Bec

Another crime story, with a supernatural edge and issues of sexuality. The serial killer in Taking Control targets drag queens. I shan’t go into the nature of the deaths, but let’s just say that this is not a book for the faint hearted or overly conservative as it has graphic violence and confronting scenes, as well as dealing heavily with notions of homosexuality. These things may upset some people so if one of those people is you then this is probably not for you. 

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Book Review: A Soul To Steal by Rob Blackwell

Review by Bec

Now bear in mind that while I like a good crime book, it is not one of my favourite genres. And yet I am always intrigued by supernatural elements in a story. So a crime book with supernatural elements, like this one, is one that I am more likely to pick up than an ordinary crime book. This synopsis of this book had me eager to read it and it did not let me down at all. In fact I find little to fault in this book in my struggle to put it down each night and not stay up in order to read ‘just one more chapter’. 

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