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Harry Potter: Books vs Films

‘They were good but nothing like the books’. A common phrase that I often hear after coming out of the cinema when a much-loved book has been turned into a film. It doesn’t make the film bad; they’re just not quite the same. 

The Harry Potter films have sparked off a whole different group of fans, those that have seen the films but not read the books and personally, I think they’re missing out on a lot. As great as the films are there are other bits of detail that are skipped out in the films. For example, early on in the series a comment is made about Peeves, Hogwart’s resident poltergeist, knocking something over which leads to a large crash. Although at the time it seems insignificant we later learn that the item Peeves knocked over was the vanishing cabinet that appears later in the series. Although this did not affect the plot of the films in any way, it was a shame that they couldn’t include these small details that made me smile. 

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