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Book Review: Barcode - Legend of Apollo


Spencer’s an infamously well-known “god” uninterested in his own fate. He turns nineteen-years-old on the first day of his last year at Colt Academy, the academic institution for gladiators. To celebrate, he unwillingly mentors a mysterious nerd, watches his family’s helicopter plunge into the ground, and meets a strange Louisianan boy that may want to kill him. With the future of his family’s fortune on the line, Spencer not only has to fight the occasional trip to Hades, but also train with his most hated childhood friend, discover the truth about his mother’s death, and reestablish his legend as America’s savior. 



From the start of this book I felt like I was missing some important information and struggling to catch up, a feeling that continued the whole book. There was little background information about the Barcodes or how they worked or even why the Gods powers were channelled in this way, rather the story seemed to expect you to know all this and while some bits were later explained these explanations were not enough to make up for the lost feeling that continued throughout the book. A few paragraphs in the introductory chapter would have been enough to stop me from feeling like I was playing catch up. 

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