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Harry Potter Character Analysis: Sorting Snape

By Bec C.

“I sometimes think we sort too soon”. With these words from Dumbledore in the books, and a carefully placed Gryffindor scarf in the movies (if you noticed it you know what I’m talking about), Snape’s whole identity, because in a Hogwarts universe our houses in part define who we are, was placed into question. Suddenly debates abounded. Was Snape truly a Slytherin? Or, like both the books and the movies implied, was Snape secretly a Gryffindor after all? After all, Snape has shown great bravery, and as Slytherins are the bad guys and Gryffindors are the goodies, the brave ones, then surely Snape is a Gryffindor? Right? Before we can get onto the topic of Snape’s true house, I want to examine these two houses, and the concept that while one is brave and good, the other is dark and evil. 

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And don’t forget to let us know what house you think Snape is in in the comments. 

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Book Review: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince # 2

Review by Bec

This book opens with a question, just who is the Half Blood Prince? The answer is one that comes much later in the books and for those who haven’t read them, it may not be any of the obvious suspects. It is also the title reference that takes the longest time to be answered, with most others being answered somewhere among the first few chapters, if not the first half of the book. Keep reading, and all will be revealed. Rowling does not answer the question too early, but gives enough hints that, on a reread, you almost hit yourself for missing them

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Book Review: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

By Ciel

As we move down the road on the Harry Potter adventure, we’ve literally seen how Harry and his surroundings have evolved; embodying a darker tone than its previous books, embracing more mature themes such as death. The books leading towards the grand finale left me gaping and craving for the resolution of this epic adventure. As you might have appreciated, Rowling’s writing seems to grow with the series. In the beginning, it was simple, childish, and easy-to-read, and now it’s the opposite, thus, making it more accessible to a much larger audience of varying ages. Her characters too, have acquired a voice of their own, instead of being flat and stereotypical (as seen during the first books).

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Harry Potter: Exploring the 4 houses (the House Analysis)

By Bec C.

The four houses of Harry Potter produce much debate among fans, arguments based on what house a person is in. When you were a child everyone wanted to be in Gryffindor, along with Harry. This was where all the good guys are after all. Nobody wanted to be in Slytherin, unless you wanted to look tough, for that was for bad guys or evil and mean people. However, as you grew up you learnt that the houses were not nearly so black and white, and that in each person might be found traits of the four houses. Even the members of Gryffindor were debated, questions asked as to whether Hermione wouldn’t have been better suited in Ravenclaw, and Neville in Hufflepuff. And yet bot members proved themselves, and with the aid of suiting hat quizzes, and the newly opened Pottermore scores of Harry Potter fans are getting the chance to prove their house identities as well. But is it as simple as being only one house? And is it the end of the world if another house is chosen for you? 

To read more this analysis, including my take on the features of the 4 houses click here

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