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Book Review: A Soul To Steal by Rob Blackwell

Review by Bec

Now bear in mind that while I like a good crime book, it is not one of my favourite genres. And yet I am always intrigued by supernatural elements in a story. So a crime book with supernatural elements, like this one, is one that I am more likely to pick up than an ordinary crime book. This synopsis of this book had me eager to read it and it did not let me down at all. In fact I find little to fault in this book in my struggle to put it down each night and not stay up in order to read ‘just one more chapter’. 

To read more of this review click here

Or to purchase this book in hard copy either click the picture above, or here. Alternatively you can click the kindle below to purchase the book in ebook format. 

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Our tumblr giveaway prize is now a $7 Amazon giftcard.

And with just over 4 days to go I think we a last minute push we can rise it more, I’m thinking 8, 9 or beyond. 

Remember to reblog this linked post. That’s all you need to do. However if you want additional entries you can reblog the posts linked in there and follow us.

Do not follow us if you don’t like what we post as we will be very upset if we get a mass exodus of followers. Remember it’s only 1 extra entry, and the linked posts can give you 10. Also if you are following for the additional entry you only get the additional entry if you are STILL following by the time the contest ends. Following and then unfollowing pretty much straight away DOES NOT COUNT! 

We will ship this prize anywhere, and we will negotiate for the Amazon of you choice, within reason (however the prize is valued in Amercian dollars). 

Come on guys, this ends on Halloween so get cracking and entering. 

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