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Harry Potter Character Analysis: Sorting Snape

By Bec C.

“I sometimes think we sort too soon”. With these words from Dumbledore in the books, and a carefully placed Gryffindor scarf in the movies (if you noticed it you know what I’m talking about), Snape’s whole identity, because in a Hogwarts universe our houses in part define who we are, was placed into question. Suddenly debates abounded. Was Snape truly a Slytherin? Or, like both the books and the movies implied, was Snape secretly a Gryffindor after all? After all, Snape has shown great bravery, and as Slytherins are the bad guys and Gryffindors are the goodies, the brave ones, then surely Snape is a Gryffindor? Right? Before we can get onto the topic of Snape’s true house, I want to examine these two houses, and the concept that while one is brave and good, the other is dark and evil. 

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